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Steel Flatbeds


Estacada Fabrication produces custom flatbeds.  Flatbeds are produced to customer specifacations.  

Decking options include:  steel floor plate, smooth steel, gripstrut steel, select dex wood decking, apitong and other hard and soft woods.

Lighting options include:   standard lighting, LED lighting, built in stop/turn/tail, reflectors and reflective tape.

Headboards for protection of truck cab or behind cab mounted components.

Strap Winches :  Track style to allow the strap winch to be moved in a particular parameter or static mounted with opposing "j" hooks. Stake pockets and rubrails can be added.

Sills  :  Long sills installed to accomodate axle drop. 

Beds are completely primered and coated with rust resistant paint.

Options also include truss racks, pipe and ladder racks, ladder racks, and boom rests.

We offer beds to fit Tractors that lock into the existing fifth wheel and turn your Tractor into a flatbed.  Fifth wheel beds are pinned into place with the fifth wheel, rest on the frame of the truck. Only requirements are two brackets mounted to the rear of the frame to guide and lock the rear of bed into place.

Prices are available upon request due to the many options.  We are glad to look at the application, discuss the options and give an estimate.

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